How Confidence Has Affected My Writing Journey — Krista Iris Watson

Some days I write more, some I write less, but I almost always come away with something written down. It wasn’t always like this.

How Confidence Has Affected My Writing Journey — Krista Iris Watson

Published by Hopewell Abimbola

Hopewell Abimbola is an ambitious, self-motivated individual who diligently seeks innovative solutions to everyday problems. He is an experienced software engineer with several successful projects. He is actively energised by his interest and passion for learning modern technology, especially concerning computer science, electrical & electronics engineering, and artificial intelligence. He believes that learning is a perpetual process in academic achievement, this led him to learn and pursue career objectives supporting his ambition in incremental steps with the education and experience that would help him hone his leadership skills. After studying the Style of Professional Writing, Hopewell Abimbola began his career as a freelance writer by writing excellent educational articles and academic research manuscripts, such as dissertations, or thesis for school projects. He contributes frequently by submitting and editing academic articles among the volunteer professional researchers in the community of Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia. He is the founder of the blog - Hopewell Academia and sole proprietor at Hopewell Tutorial Center; a tutoring institute that assists students to stimulate their learning potential to achieve their academic goals and career prospect with a major in mathematics and science subjects. To connect with Hopewell Abimbola, kindly reach out to or visit:

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